About the Bike to Work Challenge

The Bike to Work Challenge is a weeklong competition to find NYC’s happiest workplace, otherwise known as the office with the highest percentage of people who get to work by bike.

All workplaces in the five boroughs are welcome to join the challenge, whether you have one employee or thousands. Put your employees or co-workers to the test by challenging your team to log the most trips by bike during the week leading up to Bike to Work Day. You’ll earn well- toned legs, awesome prizes and bragging rights at the water cooler, not to mention a better outlook on your week.


About the Bike to Work Challenge

Who can participate?

Workplaces of all sizes in the five boroughs are welcome to join the Challenge. Whether you already employ a pack of routine bike commuters or you’re hoping to introduce bicycling to your office culture, this is a great way to get staff engaged and excited about commuting by bike. The Bike to Work Challenge is 100 percent free. Plus, lifted spirits, energized staff, and healthy doses of fresh air and vitamin D are guaranteed for all.

Last year challenge participants included hundreds of employees at more than 50 corporations and nonprofits including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Sam Schwartz Engineering, Tiffany and Co., Streeteasy, Etsy, D.E. Shaw Group, Google New York, Amplify Education, Inc. and Saks Fifth Avenue.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll earn bragging rights at the water cooler and well-toned legs not to mention a better outlook on your week. And we also have awesome awards and prizes for winning businesses and for individuals who go above and beyond. Top riders will earn sweet goodies from KIND Healthy Snacks, Vita Coco, REI, Chrome, Rack & Go, BikeNYC, Spinlister, and Citi Bike.

At the end of the week, T.A. will honor the winning businesses and individuals at the Bike Home from Work Party, anunder-the-stars celebration in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We’ll applaud everyone who rode in the Challenge, announce the winners and celebrate the grand finale of Bike to Work Day.

How does it work?

When you’re ready to sign up, see if your workplace is already registered. If it isn't, register yourself and your workplace team at the same time. You will become the Team Captain, by default. (This can be easily changed.) Here’s what happens next:

  1. Your coworkers register and join your workplace team.
  2. Everyone logs their bike trips during the week of May 12-16.
  3. Keep tabs on how your team is doing. Check Challenge rankings on the standings page.
  4. At the end of the week, Transportation Alternatives awards the winning businesses and individuals at the Bike Home from Work Party! Join us!


What does a team captain do?

The team captain has administrative abilities on the website -- and can add and delete team members, change passwords, email the entire team, and more. The team captain may also take on some social responsibilities at the workplace, organizing bike commuters' events or benefits with their company. And if these two jobs are best done by separate people, we can easily add a co-captain to any workplace team.

Size categories

Since we’re judging the Challenge based on possible bike commutes taken, we’ve broken the competition into size categories to keep things fair. You’ll be facing off against other businesses of similar size.

  • 1-4 Employees
  • 5-24 Employees
  • 25-99 Employees
  • 100-499 Employees
  • 500-999 Employees
  • 1,000-4,999 Employees
  • 5,000 + Employees


What counts as a bike commute?

Any trip to or from work is considered as part of your possible total commutes. A bike commute is any one of those trips that utilizes a bike for all or part of the journey. Each day has a maximum of two commutes, one to work and one home.

If you live on Long Island and take the LIRR to Penn Station, but then ride Citi Bike from there to your office in Tribeca, it counts as a bike commute. If you ride from you apartment in Astoria to your office in Midtown, it counts as a bike commute. If you ride from your business in Dumbo to your loft in Bushwick, it counts as a bike commute. And so on and so-forth.

Get ready for the Challenge by starting an office bike train or joining group commuting rides with Transportation Alternatives and Citi Bike from April through the spring and summer. For a complete list of dates, visit BikeNYC.org/CitiBike.

How we do the math

Winners are determined by participation levels during the week of the Challenge. A winner will be named in each workplace size category. We have taken into consideration that not everyone works a five day work-week and will score your team based on the percent of total possible bike commutes taken by participants in the Challenge.

So, if your business has 50 employees and 25 people sign up to participate in the Challengeand each of them has the possibility of commuting five days a week and two times per day, then your team has 250 total possible bike commutes for the week.

25 people x (5 days x 2 commutes/day) = 250 possible bike commutes


Your team’s score will be calculated as the percentage of those possible trips that were, in fact, taken by bike. Your workplace’s participation rate will be judged compared to other businesses in the same workplace size category, "25-99 Employees."


If the healthy glow you get from riding your bike to work for a week isn’t incentive enough, we’ve also got an amazing array of prizes to strive for.

For Workplace Teams

First place

The first place team of each size category (that’s seven winning businesses!) will receive enough Vita Coco to stay fully hydrated during the peak bike commuting season. That’s right; you’ll be sipping on a summer’s supply of delicious coconut water. Each first place team will also be treated to a granola and yogurt breakfast from KIND Healthy Snacks.

Team Spirit (workplaces with 100 percent participation)

Were you able to get every person to ride their bike every day of the Challenge? This takes a serious level of team effort and we think it’s worth recognizing. Each member of your team will receive free bike rental day (to be used in locally or anywhere in the world) provided by Spinlister.

Bike to Work Bonanza

Just for participating in the Bike to Work Challenge, your workplace team will be entered to win the Bike to Work Bonanza. The prize? The HUB, a bike-commuting tracking system. Experts from Rack & Go will visit your office and outfit you with top-of-the-line trip tracking hardware and software. The Hub makes it simple, educational and effective to implement a walking and biking incentive program in schools and businesses.

For individual riders

Super Commuters (the individual in each borough who commuted the most miles by bike during Bike to Work Week)

While we won’t be judging the overall competition by miles, we would like to recognize five Super Commuters; residents of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. These road warriors don’t let time or distance interfere with their bike commuting. They may show up to work sweaty, they may have a wicked case of helmet hair, but their commitment to biking to work is unparalleled. We’ll reward each Super Commuter with an annual Citi Bike membership (for the Super Commuter or for a friend or loved-one) and a t-shirt, plus a stylish BikeNYC.org cycling cap.

Healthy & Happy (aka the individual who burns the most calories)

Biking is great for the environment, helps get those endorphins flowing and is an ideal stress- reliever, and even better, it’s great for heart health. Maimonides Medical Center, a leader in preventative medicine, and a champion of heart-healthy lifestyles, will reward the individual who burns the most calories overall with fantastic prizes provided by the Brooklyn Nets! Plus, a Novara Care Package which includes a slider cage, thermal headband, tube, tire levers provided by REI. Get ready for the Challenge by starting an office bike train or joining group commuting rides with Transportation Alternatives and Citi Bike from April through the spring and summer. For a complete list of dates, visit BikeNYC.org/CitiBike.

Corporate Membership

Transportation Alternatives' Corporate Membership Program allows your company to enjoy great membership privileges, year-round health benefits for employees and recognition as a community leader. Corporate members are prominent businesses that provide critical support to T.A.’s campaigns for biking, walking and public transit, while demonstrating a commitment to safer streets and a sustainable New York City.

Corporate membership offers exclusive benefits including a bike-parking consultation with industry experts, Commuting 101 class, T.A. Commuter Kits, and complete year-round employee membership benefits. Plus,if your company joins T.A. as a corporate member before Bike to Work Day (May 16, 2014) all of your employees will receive a special members-only ticket to the party and a VIP gift bag. Contact challenge@bikenyc.org for more information.

Citi Bike Corporate & Community Memberships:

Whether traveling to meetings, commuting or simply running a quick errand, Citi Bike, New York’s bike share system, gives your employees access to an efficient, healthy and fun form of transportation. Citi Bike memberships are a great employee benefit, strengthening your commitment to wellness and green initiatives while increasing travel options. Learn more at .